Meet with Magizhvan Oct 4, 2020 – Special event to ensure Mental Health

During Covid-19 pandemic, mental health was an issue that remained largely neglected. The lockdown induced a lot of stress on the LGBTQ community. Many lost their livelihood; many were confined to their houses, leading to frequent misunderstanding with family members and relationships. With an aim of rejuvenating such stressed souls, Magizhvan Foundation organized a meetup event , ‘Meet with Magizhvan’ on 4-October-2020 to ensure a balanced emotional health of LGBTQ individuals.

The event began with a session termed ‘Mindful Mind’ which was aimed at rekindling the tired minds with meditation. It was followed by an art therapy that was used to declutter the cluttered minds. The events were handled by Ms. Cauviya of Kensho Project. Later, participants expressed their thoughts through an Open Mic session. It was followed by a debate on same-sex marriage which was moderated by Ms Padmini, our chief guest, advocate, Madras High Court.

Mental health day – 2019

A special Q& A session on mental health was conducted by Magizhvan Foundation on Oct 12, 2019. The theme of the even twas “You are not alone” and it was a platform to discuss various mental health issues faced by members of the community. Dr. Anbudorai, a senior psychiatrist, gave a special speech and it was followed by several stress buster activities.

Gender sensitization programs

Magizhvan Foundation regularly conducts gender sensitization programs to various sections of the society. We teach the participants about gender identities and sexual orientations and how LGBTQ face difficulties in the society. We train them as to how to treat a person who confides in them to express their gender identity or sexual orientation.

1st Anniversary of reading down of section 377

A special event was conducted to remember the people behind the legal victory. The event involved various activities under the theme, ”An untold story: The History of LGBTQ rights”. The events included quiz, coming out stories, dance and singing performances, debate, skit, and a fashion show.

Queerantine 2020

Queerantine 2020 was another recreational-cum-fund-raising show that aimed at encouraginig and supporting LGBTQ people and allies during the COVID-19 induced quarantine. This event also involved displaying of various skills and talents in sessions dedicated for art, photography, beauty, fashion, queer talks, dance, singing, poetry, essay writing and storytelling.

We choose love

As a part of virtual pride celebration in 2020, Magizhvan Foundation organized a virtual live session with two beautiful LGBTQ couples – Sindhur & Spoorty and Saro & Saravanan. They spoke about their beautiful journey of love that inspired participants across the globe. The couples answered various questions posed by the audience.

Queer Literature

 Magizhvan Foundation organized a live session about the happenings in queer literature arena. The event titled “Queer Literature” explored the history of LGBTQ community and the role of literature in the fight for queer justice. The special guest was Mr Moulee, Co-founder of an LGBT-focussed publishing house named Queer Chennai Chronicles (QC Chronicles). Moulee is a workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion strategist. His organization, QC Chronicles has the distinction of conducting India’s first queer literature festival.