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Magizhvan foundation

Magizhvan Foundation is a Chennai-based community welfare organization that envisions the empowerment and livelihood development of LGBTQ community.

What we do

Magizhvan Foundation works towards enhancing and empowering the lives of LGBTQ persons through a co-operative effort towards ensuring livelihood, healthcare access, equality and justice for every member of the LGBTQ community

Job assistance to persons of the community and counselling students about career and educational options, thereby lighting up their career path.

Expert psychological counselling for LGBTQ persons to improve their emotional wellbeing and mental health. We also financially support the healthcare costs of LGBTQ individuals.

Reaching out to LGBTQ community and the public to meet their financial needs. Embracing the community through recreational programmes and carrying out the advocacy of LGBTQ rights and providing legal aid.

Project MAFY

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