Project MAFY (MAgizhvan For You) was launched with an objective of helping LGBTQ individuals, frontline workers, and general public during the COVID-19 pandemic. We provide food and grocery to the individuals who lost their livelihood due to the pandemic. We could so far reach out to more than 150 families / individuals from various social profiles such LGBTQ individuals, frontline workers, families of migrant daily-wage workers, differently abled citizens and senior citizens who were abandoned by their families.

Also, many same sex couples and transgender people hailing from poor financial background and living independently due to ostracization have lost their livelihood due to the COVID lockdown. We are financially helping them to pay house rents. We also assist in providing jobs for them. During the few months of the pandemic pandemic alone, we could fetch jobs for two transmen, two transwomen and six among the general public.

As a part of this project, we also sew and sell face masks depicting different LGBTQ identities. The profit from the sale of flags are also utilised for the project. Alongside the project, we also carry out our routine tasks of counselling, job-assistance and career/educational guidance. Having received an overwhelming support for Project MAFY, we are expanding the project to reach out to hundreds of people who still could not resume their livelihood.